Night Vision Binoculars

These long range night vision binoculars are an ideal choice for hunting, wild-life observation, law enforcement and defense applications. They feature a rugged body that is water and shock resistant but still very lightweight. Find a wide range of these products to fit your application.

Armasight Discovery 3X Binoculars-

Armasight Discovery 3X Binoculars
Model: DISCOVERY3X | Order No: DISCOVERY8X Series

The Discovery series of night vision binoculars offers further range and better stability for long term viewing. The 3x unit is ideal for scanning.

Starting at

$1,595.00 USD

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Armasight Discovery 5X Binoculars-

Armasight Discovery 5X Binoculars
Model: DISCOVERY5X | Order No: DISCOVERY5X Series

The Discovery 5x units offer long range capabilities for extended night viewing. Especially good in a security or support role.

Starting at

$1,795.00 USD

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Armasight Discovery 8X Binoculars-

Armasight Discovery 8X Binoculars
Model: DISCOVERY8X | Order No: DISCOVERY3X Series

When you need the magnification of binoculars, and the enhancement of night vision: the Discovery 8x unit reaches out to give you the closest view.

Starting at

$2,095.00 USD

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