Inforce WML Series of Weapon Lights

Model: INF-WML | Order No: INF-WML Series

The Inforce WML series offers revolutionary illumination options that are built for the most demanding field use.

Sorry! This product has been discontinued.

The Inforce WML Series of Weapon Lights has been discontinued, and does not currently have a replacement. If you would like a recommendation please call us at 1.877.766.5412

What Is It?

The WML light series are a revolutionary alternative to standard weapon-lights and offer high value at a low cost. The Inforce Weapon Mounted Light was the first light of its kind, with a polymer fiber body, extremely lightweight, 200 lumens, ergonomically designed activator, runs off a single CR123, waterproof to 66 feet, and is made in the USA.

Who Uses It?

The majority of WMLs currently go to Military and LE clients but they are becoming more popular with civilian shooters. They have seen extensive use in Afghanistan and Iraq as a truly Mil-Spec illuminator.

What Is It Designed For?

The main idea of the Inforce WML is a super simple, no-tools-required light that mounts to any 1913 rail. The mounting system and hardware is built right into the light for a compact all in one unit.

The WML body itself was designed to be ultra low profile. The bezel barely floats above the rail surface, and roughly only 1/2 inch above the fsb sides. The foundation of the light is barely 1/4" tall and the real estate it takes on the rail is small and very flat. The lights are available in black and sand, with Infrared and momentary on variants as well.

What Is It Capable Of?

The IR variants make the WML a fantastic dual illumination system. Transitioning to night vision friendly IR light is as simple as flipping a switch. No IR filters or bulb replacements necessary! And they don't slouch on the output either: 75mw and 25mw give you ideal infrared light in even the darkest conditions.

The WML has two ways to protect from accidental discharge; you can either twist the front of the light a full twist to lock out or you can lift a built in safety lever that protect from accidental activation button. It's a simple no nonsense light that is right were you need it to be. These lights can take hits and drops without any issue.

What's included with the Inforce INF-WML

  • Inforce WML Series of Weapon Lights
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    " data-description="The Inforce WML series offers revolutionary illumination options that are built for the most demanding field use.">

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