Inforce APL Auto Pistol Light Black

Model: INF-APL-B-W

The Auto Pistol Light produces 200 lumens of white light using ambidextrous switches and an integrated mounting system.

Sorry! This product has been discontinued.

The Inforce APL Auto Pistol Light Black has been discontinued, and does not currently have a replacement. If you would like a recommendation please call us at 1.877.766.5412

What Is It?

The APL is a 200 lumen light designed for handguns. It is extremely small, made of polymer, and runs off a single CR123 battery. It has momentary and constant-on activation from either of the ambidextrous side buttons. Its intergrated rail mount will fit picatinny rails and 90% of railed handguns.

Who Uses It?

The APL burst on the scene in 2012 as a low cost, high value alternative to more expensive handgun lights. Since then it has been popular with police forces, tactical shooters, and anyone looking for a more affordable handgun light.

What Is It Designed For?

The APL's switching system is completely original. It consists of 2 large paddles - one on each side of the light - that flank the trigger guard when installed on a handgun. The paddles are designed to be large and easy to activate. The user needs only to lightly press these paddles inward to activate the light.

The mounting system of the light is exceptional. Using a simple camming jaw, one simply lifts the QD lever to its highest point, line up the cross bar to your rail slot, and rock it on. Drop the lever down for a solid lock up. The lever when closed, sits flush to the light body allowing no areas to catch when holstering. The light comes with two different rail pieces, one for the Glock , and a 1913 std piece. The process to swap them is easy as well, simply lift the lever, loosen the two mounting bolts, and remove. Replace with the alternate piece by reversing the process.

What Is It Capable Of?

Although INFORCE markets this light as a pistol light, it still offers a great solution for a rifle. When mounted on the top of a quad rail, ahead of the front site, this light is perfect. Its slim enough to not interrupt sight picture, and can still be easily activated with the thumb.

Key Features:

Bilateral paddle switches offer:

  • On/off switch operation with either hand
  • Natural finger movement to activate the switches
  • Constant and momentary options

Integrated mounting system:

  • No tools required

Product ships with (2) rail mounting bars that accommodate Universal and MIL-STD-1913 rails.

Inforce APL Specifications:

Light Output: 200 Lumens
Run time: 1.5 hours

Unit weight and measurements:

  • Length: 3 in. / 7.619 cm.
  • Width: 1.2 in. / 3.048 cm.
  • Weight: 2.83 oz. / 80.229 g.
  • Batteries: 1 x 123A Lithium

What's included with the Inforce INF-APL-B-W

  • Inforce APL Auto Pistol Light Black
  • Short Review of the Inforce APL features

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    " data-description="The Auto Pistol Light produces 200 lumens of white light using ambidextrous switches and an integrated mounting system.">

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