FLIR Thermosight RS Thermal Rifle Sight

Model: Thermosight RS | Order No: Thermosight RS Series

The Thermosight RS is FLIR's premiere rifle scope line specifically for hog hunting and varmint applications. This scope is available to any US citizen for an unbeatable price!

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$10,000.00 USD

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New from Shot Show 2014!

The Thermosight R-series are the newest rifle sights from FLIR Personal Vision Systems. These infrared scopes are the first thermal night vision rifle scope available to the public for under $3,500. FLIR has taken their years of experience with military grade weapon sights and brought it to the world of varmint and preadotr hunting.

What Is It?

The ThermoSight RS scopes are compact and easy-to-use, with a wide range of customizability to give you the best thermal optic for your specific use. Effective in zero-light environments, infrared technology will highlight animal's body heat against cooler backgrounds without any illumination or assistance. It uses a unique lens system to provide proper eye-relief to the user, and is available with magnificaitons anywhere from 1x to 16x power.

Who Uses It?

Designed for hunters looking to remove feral hogs or other varmints, the Thermosight RS offers the most affordable thermal rifle platform on the market. With a wide variety of lenses and detectors, the larger RS models are also appropriate for Police units and defense contractors looking to add thermal capabilities to their weapon systems.

What Is It Designed For?

Simply put, the RS scopes are designed to be the most effetive and most affordable thermal weapon sights on the market. They use simple but flexible reticles, sensible colour palettes, and are built tough enough to last a lifetime. You can tell that the RS was made for shooters: 3 inches of eye relief, glove-friendly buttons, and a wide diopter adjustment (±;6)

What Is It Capable Of?

An internal propietary shock absorber makes these appropriate selections for .30 cal semi-auto rifles, but when combined with a Cadex Recoil Rail one could feasibly mount them even on larger calibers. An IPX7 rating means that the FLIR Thermosight RS could be submerged a meter deep in water for half an hour with no adverse effects. It's functional temperature is also covered all the way down to -20° C, a rarity for opto-electronics!

Key Features:

  • 3-inch eye relief
  • Up to 16x magnification
  • Advanced Image Correction
  • Shock Reduction System
  • Simple, 4-button operation
  • Three reticle settings with a repeatable and dependable zero
  • Three-year warranty (with registration) on the scope
  • 10-year warranty on the internal sensor
  • Up to six different detection palettes


Thermosight RS24 Specs

FPA 240 x 180 VOx
Frame Rate 30 Hz
Lens Focal Length 13mm
Lens HFOV 20°
Focus Fixed
Video Out No
Weight <1.8 lbs
Electronic Zoom N/A
Color Pallets Black/White/InstAlert™

Thermosight RS32 Specs

RS32 Close Range RS32 Mid Range RS32 Long Range
FPA 320 x 240 VOx 320 x 240 VOx 320 x 240 VOx
Frame Rate 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Lens Focal Length 19mm 35mm 60mm
Lens HFOV 16°
Focus Fixed Fixed Manual
Video Out Yes Yes Yes
Weight <1.8 lbs <1.8 lbs <2.4 lbs
Electronic Zoom Up to 4x Up to 4x Up to 4x
Color Pallets Black/White/InstAlert™/Sepia/Iron/Red

Thermosight RS64 Specs

RS32 Mid Range RS32 Long Range
FPA 640 x 480 VOx 640 x 480 VOx
Frame Rate 30 Hz 30 Hz
Lens Focal Length 35mm 60mm
Lens HFOV 18° 10°
Focus Fixed Manual
Video Out Yes Yes
Weight <1.8 lbs <2.4 lbs
Electronic Zoom Up to 8x Up to 8x
Color Pallets Black/White/InstAlert™/Sepia/Iron/Red

Thermosight RS Common Specs

Specification All Models
Display Active Matrix LCD
Display Resolution 640 x 480
Eye Relief 3 inches
Dimensions 8" x 3.3" x 2.9"
Reticles Duplex, Fine Duplex, German
Reticle Colors Black / White / Red / Green
Diopter Adjustment +/- 6
Operating Temperature -4° to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)
Storage Temperature -40° to 140°F (-40° to 60°C)
Ingress Protection IPX7, Submersible for 1m for 30min
Weapon Interface MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail
Battery Life 4 hrs of use
Battery Type Internal Li-Ion
Battery Charging Standard USB interface with included wall charger
User Interface Simple four-button interface
On Screen Symbology Battery charge, ezoom state
Weapon Compatibility MSR semi-automatic up to .30 Cal.
Warranty 2-year standard / 3-year (with registration) / 10-year on thermal detector
Export Controlled Yes

What's included with the FLIR Thermosight RS

  • FLIR Thermosight RS Thermal Rifle Sight
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    ThermBright Thermal Target TB - MJS6199
    This Passive Thermal Target (E TYPE, MJS6199 40.1 X 18.7) Displays as a heated target to thermal imagers. It works night or day, no batteries or heating required!
    $69.00 USD

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