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Model: NYX-7 | Order No: NYX-7 Series

The Nyx-7 provides an excellent alternative for long term, hands free usage. With multiple battery options, automatic brightness control, and over-exposure protection the Nyx-7 is an all-night system.

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Armasight Nyx-7 3 Alpha Gen 3 High Performance

Armasight Nyx-7 3 Alpha - Night Vision Goggle Gen 3 High Performance


was $3,306.00

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks

Armasight Nyx-7 3 Bravo Gen 3

Armasight Nyx-7 3 Bravo - Night Vision Goggle Gen 3


was $3,149.00

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks

Nyx-7C Night Vision Goggles

The Armasight Nyx-7C is an extremely rugged but compact bi-ocular night vision goggle, and is 30% smaller and lighter than the US Military issue PVS-7. Built with the highest grade optics - and with simple, reliable electronics - the Nyx-7C gives clear, bright night vision images. For hands-free use, it can be worn on the included flip-up head mount or optional universal helmet mount. For hand-held use, a number of optional afocal lenses are available for middle to long range observation, along with optional IR illuminators.

Requiring only a single CR123 battery for hours of night vision operation, the Armasight Nyx-7C comes with built-in short range IR illuminator and IR and low battery indicators (displayed to the user in the eyepiece).

Waterproof, rugged, light and compact the Armasight Nyx-7C is the perfect hands free unit for the casual user right through to the most demanding professional.

What's Included

  1. Armasight Nyx-7C Night Vision Goggles
    Monocular night vision device with unity magnification.
  2. Objective Lens Cap
    A cap used to protect the lens and to be used when testing the unit in daylight.
  3. Eye-cup
    A rubber cup used to protect the eyepiece as well as provide comfort for the operator.
  4. CR123A Lithium Battery
    A single, 123A lithium battery used to power the unit.
  5. Goggle Kit #2
    Adjustable universal assembly that secures the Nyx-7C to the operator's head, providing hands-free operation.
  6. Carrying Case
    A protective case used for storing and carrying of the Nyx-7 and its accessories.
  7. Operation and Maintenance Manual
    Provides safety information, equipment description, mounting procedures, operating instructions, and preventive maintenance checks and service (including a List of Spare Parts).

What Is It?

The Nyx-7 goggles are an alternative to the PVS-7 standard goggles. By covering both eyes they encourage immersion in the night vision scene. The housing is made of identical materials as the PVS-7, but by not mirroring the ITT design they are available at a lower price point.

Who Uses It?

The Nyx-7 is ideal for hunters or outdoorsmen who want to activate night vision and leave it on. If you're going all night in a stand or navigating your way through an environment, the Nyx-7 goggles provide the image you need to make that happen.

What Is It Designed For?

With either a head mount or a helmet mount, these goggles are meant to keep your hands free and replace your regular view with an enhanced night vision image. A lock up helmet mount allows them to be quickly removed but keeps them easily available.

What Is It Capable Of?

Rifle manipulation is still very possible with the Nyx-7s by using one of the Drakos IR lasers as a sighting tool. This system does not have issues with cheekweld or eye relief and allows the user to react instinctively. Alternate lenses also allow the Nyx-7 to be converted into a long range binocular with both 5x and 8x lenses available.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, compact rugged goggle system
  • Multi-purpose: Hand-held, head-mounted or helmet-mounted
  • Comfortable, flip-up headgear
  • Multi-coated all-glass optics
  • Wide angle infrared illuminator
  • Auto brightness control
  • Bright light cut-off
  • Utilizes single CR123A lithium battery or AA Alkaline, Adapter included
  • Water and fog resistant
  • Limited two-year warranty


IIT GenerationModels between Gen 2+ and Gen 3+
ResolutionModels between 45-72 lp/mm
Lens SystemF1:1.2 , 24mm
Range of Focus0.25 to infinity
Diopter Adjustment-5 to +5
Automatic Brightness ControlYes
Bright Light Cut-offYes
Automatic Shut-off SystemYes
Infrared IlluminatorYes (built in)
IR IndicatorYes (in FOV)
Low Battery IndicatorYes (in FOV)
Power Supply1x 3V CR123A battery or 1x 1.5V AA battery
Environmental RatingWaterproof and weatherproof
Operating Temperature-40 to +50
Dimensions150 x 102 x 70 / 5.9 x 4.0 x 2.7 (LxWxH, mm/in)
Weight0.45 / 1.0 (kg/lbs)
Warranty2 Years

What's included with the Armasight NYX-7

  • Armasight Nyx-7 Goggles
  • A version of this product can now be exported to Canada and Europe!

    Standard generations of this night vision tube may be exported. As a result it may have an extra 3 days lead time and will ship directly from the manufacturer. Some US designated countries and groups may still not be eligible:

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    " data-description="The Nyx-7 provides an excellent alternative for long term, hands free usage. With multiple battery options, automatic brightness control, and over-exposure protection the Nyx-7 is an all-night system.">


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