Armasight Drakos Class 1 IR Laser

Model: IAIR000LP000001

Legal for any civilian to own! The Drakos IR laser only appears when viewed through an I2 Device and is a "must have" for anyone using night vision with a rifle.

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Drakos Class 1 IR Laser

The Armasight Drakos is the new series of an innovative, rugged, multi-spectral Class 1 nearinfrared and visible/near-infrared laser aiming devices designed to mount via a locking quickrelease MIL-STD-1913 rail grabber on to a variety of kinetic weapons for day, low-light, and nighttime targeting. As a leader in the industry, Armasight equips the Drakos with wireless remote control. The laser operates on either single CR123A 3V lithium or AA 1.5V size battery, and the battery compartment adapter comes standard, which provides more than two thousand two-second activations of the lasers. The Drakos series is designed to withstand kinetic recoil of 0.50 caliber and .338 caliber Lapua ammunition and is MIL-STD 810G compliant. The Armasight Drakos' performance level, along with its adaptability to virtually any night vision device, inherently makes it a "critical need" item for all law enforcement, military professionals, hunters and professional shooters.

What Is It?

The Drakos laser is one of the most functional, affordable, and available IR lasers currently on the market. As a Class 1 system it can be sold to civilians and safely used without risk of eye damage. However it is still a true IR laser: totally invisible to the naked eye, but bright and visible when viewed through a night vision device. It is adjustable for windage and elevation, and can be operated with an included wireless remote.

Who Uses It?

Anyone using night vision and rifle at the same time. These lasers are rated to hold zero under the recoil from .50BMG and .338 Lapua. They see deployment with police forces, hunters, tactical shooters and even overseas with security professionals.

What is it designed for?

The Drakos IR laser is designed for use with a night vision device without a reticle. Whether it is hand-held, head-mounted or rifle-mounted, the Drakos is an easy way to get an aiming indicator visible through the device, regardless of cheek-weld or reticle. For fast reaction with zero magnification: there is no better way to use an I2 device and rifle at the same time.

What is it Capable of?

The Drakos is also useful in a team scenario where indication is more important than actual aiming. If you want to know exactly where other I2 users are looking, the Drakos gives you the information you need. These units are also an excellent part of a broader night vision system.

A military example: a 4x ACOG sight with a clip on night vision device mounted, zeroed at 300 yards for distant engagement; simultaneously using a PVS-14 for general visibility while moving and a Drakos laser zeroed at 25 yards for fast reaction.

A hunting example: Using a FLIR LS64 thermal camera and a Nyx-14 night vision monocular, a shooter and spotter survey a field. The spotter detects a wild boar on the thermal device, then illuminates it with his laser. The shooter matches his laser through the monocular, and is able to quickly get on target through the Nyx-14.

Key Features

  • Tactile click stops for windage & elevation adjustments
  • Rapid active target acquisition
  • True night vision compatible mode
  • Wireless remote control
  • Utilizes single CR123A lithium battery or AA Alkaline, adapter included
  • Aiming lasers are co-boresighted
  • Will not cause damage to eyes
  • Quick release mount
  • MIL-STD-810G compliant
  • Limited two-year warranty


Battery LifeCR123A 44 hrs, AA 42 hrs
Power SupplySingle CR123A Lithium (3V) or AA Alkaline (1.5V)
Operating Temperature-20 to +40 °C (-4 to +104 °F)
Storage Temperature- 40 to +55 °C (-40 to +131 °F)
Dimensions110 x 67 x 39 / 4.3 x 2.6 x 1.5
Weight198 / 7
Warranty2 Years
Wavelength (nm)850
Laser Output Power (mW)1
Operating Distance (m)800
Aiming Dot Size (mm at 100m)50
Elevation/Windage Adjustment Range (MOA, min)±90
Elevation/Windage Adjustment Increment (mils)0.5±0.05 (5 cm at a distance of 100 m)
Immersion10 m for 2 hr
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What's included with the Armasight IAIR000LP000001

  • Armasight Drakos Class 1 IR Laser
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    " data-description="Legal for any civilian to own! The Drakos IR laser only appears when viewed through an I2 Device and is a "must have" for anyone using night vision with a rifle.">

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