Kestrel's Applied Ballistic's Weather Meters receive new Firmware Update

Kestrel Releases New Applied Ballistics Firmware Update

New applied ballistics firmware to target issues with system lock ups on Kestrel Applied Ballistics weather meters.

Kestrel's new firmware version 4.85 update has resolved several key issues with Kestrel Applied Ballistics units locking up, along with some of the compass problems seen in some units. A detailed look at the fixes can be found below:

  • Kestrel locks up in the ON position.(May have an hourglass shown or may not be able to navigate.)
  • Kestrel locks up in the OFF position.
  • Compass must be recalibrated after removing batteries due to lockup.
  • Overall problems with compass-related features, including Direction of Fire, Wind Capture, etc.

To download the 4.85 firmware, you can visit the support page on Kestrel's website here.

For new customers looking at purchasing their first Applied Ballistics unit, Kestrel has noted starting January 12, 2015 any orders shipped out will include the contain the most recent update to firmware 4.85. Meaning new customers will not have to worry about updating their Firmware.

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